100m Phoenicia concept

2 06 2013


Hedgehog BMW

30 09 2009

Designed by Anne Forschner, who graduated from Pforzheim University, Russia, 24 only, BMW introduced the Lovos at Frankfurt. Pieces of the car are solar pannel (solar photovoltaic cells) and move upward for aero-resistance when breaking

3966820156-bmw-lovos-herisson-solaire2409218917-bmw-lovos-herisson-solaire Read the rest of this entry »

Best hybride! bemmer!

9 09 2009

Concept car by BMW which is going to be introduced at Frankfurt 2009 MotorShow, it’s called “Vision Efficient Dynamics”. This car uses an electric motor on each axle and a 3-cylinder turbodiesel  and nice features inside : 356hp, 0-100km/h in 4.8 secondes, speed up to 250km/h

…and outside, check it out :

BMW-VISION-2BMW-VISION-4BMW-VISION-coz you need to compensate the pollution from your R8…when you own one

for all of you PC users…

26 08 2009

space_fillerFor all of you out there not lucky enough to own a MAc lapptop, you can at least pimp your PC out thanks to the amazing stickers created by infectious for laptops, ipods, iphones, walls, cars, skateboards…coz Macs obviously don’t need to go under cover 😉



The Fellowship of the Ring

24 08 2009

The cool gadget

definition of gadget (wikipedia) : object often ingenious, but almost always useless.orb-1-largeorb-4-large