The uniform to take over Fall

3 09 2009

It’s all about getting yourself a whole new shell after relaxing this summer, (leather and crocodile) and make sure people know, feel and look….

am-w-208024-f14hr_red_1am-w-226177-egs0y_sil_1tt-w-turpinl42063-w_bei_1am-w-226177-egs0y_sil_2D&G Winter 4 1280 Fashion Wallpaper_200230mbal-v-219498-ehg4k_cop_200340m.jpgbalmaingio-ring00070m00100m00490m-100420m00160m00210m-100210m00320m00340mBalmain_RS9_0028bal-w-224577-wad31_gry_1pat-w-2l0338-a67-lea_bck_1dwy-w-slingshot-b313_bck_3bur-w-3560368-p61028_bei_1cam-w-a9014-1-leathe_bck_1chl-w-8hs891-046_gry_1dwy-w-maypole-p003_gre_3bal-w-224907-dfp1t_bck_1alexa1




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