A male writer’s perspective in Elle magazine…lol!

7 08 2009

this is the extract from Elle magazine i just read, dating back a few issues ago, this is not intended as a criticism of the magazine in any way, just thought it was funny to read a male’s theory about “pretty” girls and their “average-looking friend” : “They tend to go out the town in pairs, I’ve noticed : the conventionally pretty one, all dolled up and shining, and her average-looking friend, who’s barely had time to do her hair” (what guy would notice that? hahaha what guy ever notices somebody went to the hairdresser…moving on) “The pretty one is usually the instigator. With the plainer one by her side, she thinks she’ll look even more dazzling than usual. And the plainer one goes along with the idea, because” (and this is where I don’t even know where the writer found this idea! funny though) ” because she wants to bask in her friend’s glow-or maybe because she just doesn’t go out much”. hahaha. “I don’t know” – agreed (oups, note to self : try to tune down the passive agressive comments). Even further one : “I do know however that when i spot them and manage to push in beside them at the bar, I often feel sorry for the pretty one”. My weird theories before i go on reading this article :

– number one : this guy is a jerk and he thinks he’ll get the “average-looking” girl more easily coz pretty girls have the reputation to be bitchy

– number two : he has a thing, always, for the less pretty girl in a pair

bingo! theory number one it is, barely ornated with additional comments such as : she has no image to preserve therefore she’s more interesting to talk to. Talking about a guy using a girl’s insecurities hu? typical 😉

(when i think this article had a promising headline anoucing an inquiry into pretty vs sexy, which could have actually been interesting)

and that’s it for MY macho comments of the day!




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